Angus Seedstock

Our breeding program is primarily oriented toward selling grass finished beef directly to consumers. As such, our cattle are selected and bred for this niche but growing beef market. They are registered cattle and all performance data is reported to the AHIR program of the American Angus Association. The EPD data for our sires incorporate genomic values in the calculation of EPD's in addition to individual performance data.

Five years ago we closed our breeding herd. We develop from within the existing line bred herd traits that are important to our grass fed beef customers. Our customers have told us that the top two priorities should be: 1) exceptionally tender, well marbled grass fed beef and 2) that it is produced in a natural, pasture-based grazing system. Further, other genetic traits we select for are, adequate rib eye size, fleshing ability on grass and adequate carcass weights to minimize processing costs (5.5 frame). To maintain consistency in the quality of our grass fed beef, the cattle are line bred within the Emulous line of the angus breed. See the Emulous History link and the About Us link for more information.

If you are interested in purchasing seed stock or semen contact Brad James.

Pasture scene